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HomeInternet Services:  Plans / Pricing

Listed below is information on our 56k Dial Up Internet Access.  For more information on other Internet Access Services, please call us at 589-0404.

Dial Up & DSL Internet Access Plans

Standard Subscription







One time $15 Setup fee applies to Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions.  Setup is FREE with all Annual Subscriptions.

  • Unlimited Internet Access via standard dialup (add $1 per month for ISDN)
  • 1 Email Accounts (more accounts are available for $10 per year each)
  • 20MB web space with FTP
  • Use of News Server
  • Free Email forwarding & Autoresponder
  • Email Virus Scanning
  • 24/7 Tech Support (You can actually talk to a real live person!!)
  • Super low Long distance phone rates click here for more details
  • Free roaming Nationwide
  • Support for Front Page Extensions
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Our Geek Subscription







One time $15 Setup fee

  • Unlimited Internet Access via standard dialup
  • One E-mail Account w/up to 6 aliases
  • 10 MB Email space (more space available at an additional cost)
  • Free E-mail forwarding
  • Free Autoresponder

There is a one time setup fee of $15. Payments must be made automatically. A fee of $1 per minute will be charged for tech support calls.

Add $1 per month for standard billing

Savy2k HyperDial








Now you can surf the web at broadband speeds with your dialup modem!

HyperDial harnesses the power of your compurter's processor to let you browse the Internet at up to 5 times the speed of regular dialup for just $4 more per month.

Call today and start surfing at hyper speeds.

There is an additional $3 monthly fee and a $10 setup fee for static IP addresses.